Christian Nielsen

Founder & CEO

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U.S. Naval Academy graduate with 16 years as U.S. Navy Pilot, Christian holds also an MBA and M.S. and held various executive positions with Apple Computer, Mobil Oil, and as President of EarthForce Czech which he sold to Ingersoll Rand/Bobcat in 2001. In 2002 he founded Strojkov Engineering in Slovakia, a large contract mechanical engineering and aersopace design firm which in 2015 became Aveo Design Group.  Christian founded Aveo Engineering as a business in 2006 with the company’s invention of the first LED lights without external power supplies that quickly has grown to be the most innovative, market-leading and globally-sold aerospace lighting product line in the defense, commercial and business aviation market sectors.

Jana Nielsen

Chief Financial Officer

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A New York University Business Administration graduate, Jana runs the Aveo Group of Companies as CFO and COO.  All financial teams in every Aveo location report directly to her.  (So basically, we consider her the real boss)

Paul Whittingham

Executive VP

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Stefan Weiss

OEM Business Development Manager

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Stefan is an aerospace sales manager with more than 20 years experience in business acquisition and development; primarily with strong focus on East Europe and Middle East.

His graduation as fighter/bomber pilot from the Military Flight Academy (GDR), a MBA in Marketing-Management and his current CPL/IFR license are basis for excellent understanding of complex technical, operational and commercial requirements.

Georg Hartl

Certification Manager

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Georg Hartl started in the field of aviation after finishing university in 1998 designing primary structure for an OEM. In 2002 he entered certification activities first for the OEM on aircraft level and then in the business of large private cabin conversions. Georg has been responsible to certify structures, mechanical systems, cabin interiors, exterior lights (ETSO) and EASA production and design organizations. More than 15 years of flying airplanes also supports the understanding of aviators needs.

Peter Nezval

General Manager of Aveo Design Group

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