New Aveo products at Oshkosh 2017!

ZipTips II

Lightweight Wingtips with Conformal LED Lights

Landing / Taxi / WigWag / Navigation / Strobe / Rear Position



Crystal Conforma for Cessna

Lightweight Wingtips with Conformal LED Lights

Navigation / Strobe

Crystal Conforma for Mooney

Lightweight Wingtips with Conformal LED Lights

Navigation / Strobe

Aveo StarLet

The ultimate thin winglet Conforma™ light from Aveo

Only 8mm thick, this Starlet is the ideal zero drag solution for Stemme winglets

The Aveo Starlet is an example of custom conformal light

Navigation / Strobe


Anticollision light

All red, all white or dual red / white

PowerBurst DayLite

Navigation / Strobe / Position


PosiStrobe DayLite

Rear Position / Strobe

Exceleron DayLite

Landing or Taxi 

MicroMax / MicroMax Lite

Recognition tiny light


Interior light


FAR/DO160 Compliant Aircraft Flashlight Series


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