RedBaron HISL 2200™

Introducing the Aveo HISL 2200™, a light designed to far exceed the new requirements for power line and pipeline helicopter inspection operations, and the world’s brightest HISL AntiCollision light period.

If you operate in bad weather, or night operations over urban areas with intense ground light below, or you just want to be sure you are seen, then there is only one light in the world for your helicopter, the HISL 2200.  Nothing else in the industry comes close!

HISL2200 - dual anticollision light

The Ultimate Upgrade

The advantage of operating in red or white modes depending upon operational conditions is nonpareil.

Max Intensity: White – 2400 cd / Red – 550 cd

Voltage range: 18-36 VDC
Current (@28V): White – 6.48A / Red – 4.16A
Power (@28V): White – 181.4W / Red – 116.5W

Red / White

The RedBaron HISL 2200™ features the world’s highest output LEDs, chromaticity compliant and intensity far exceeding the aerospace TSO regulations worldwide.

HISL2200 - dual anticollision light
HISL2200 - dual anti-collision light
HISL2200 - dual anticollision light

Two layers

Unmatched, groundbreaking optical performance in both red and white sections, and it is a Drop-In replacement for legacy anticollision lights which can barely meet the 400 Candela TSO, no less the new 2000 Cd standard.

No external power boxes, everything is already inside, so great weight savings too!

If you are interested in this product or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email

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