No Drag. No Brag.

Legacy aircraft lights are a drag, literally. Obtrusive, heavy, and not that bright. At Aveo, we understand aerodynamics, and the proof is in our low drag designs.

Light characteristics: Anti-collision Light
Voltage range: 18-36VDC
Voltage protection:
a. Transcient voltage: 2 seconds +80VDC
b. Under-voltage lockout: +17VDC, not more
c. Over-voltage lockout: +36VDC, not less


Input current: 3.25 A @ 28V DC
Input power: 91 W

Input current: 3.85 A @ 28V DC
Input power: 107.8 W

Ambient temperature: -55°C…+85°C / -67°F…+185°F
Weight: 265 g / 0.584 lb

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