Aveo Introduces

RedBird Conforma™

Conformal Total Lighting Solution for Cessna™ 177 Cardinal

Aveo REDBIRD Conforma for Cessna 177 Cardinal

Let There Be Light !!!

Aveo invented the Conforma™ airframe – skin conformal lighting solutions a decade ago for the General Atomics™ Predator UAVs. Since then we have built and delivered a few thousand tips to owners of VANS™, Cessna™ 150, Cessna™ 172, and Mooney™ aircraft, as well as numerous other UAVs. Thanks to the Cessna 177 Cardinal pilots scattered around the world, Aveo releases the RedBird™ conformal wingtip all-in-one lighting solution in a world class winglet designed and manufactured by Aveo in Carbon Fiber.

Aveo REDBIRD Conforma for Cessna 177 Cardinal

Wingtip with Total Lighting Solution

The dramatic increase in safety of flight for pilot to see and be seen is unparalleled as always in the unmatched Aveo lighting products. The new Aveo Conforma™ wingtips and winglets break new ground in performance while increasing wingtip strength to replace the heavy legacy tips that constantly crack.

Each 177 Conforma tip has over 203,000 candela (Yes, the FARs and SAE are not in lumens, they are in candela) bringing a whopping 406,000 candela to bear when you need to conduct a safe night approach and landing in the busiest of airports in the world. The recognition function can be seen almost at 30 nm!!! Instead of the yellow bulb light from HID lights using extremely high voltage, you have the unmatched Aveo circuitry low amperage lights with our proprietary WarpSpeed™ technology, in a cool light that the human eye needs to see more clearly at night.

Stick to the science guys, not marketing hype!

The RedBird Conforma™ from Aveo is an unparalleled multi-functional lighting solution that dramatically increases safety of flight. Light intensities are multiple times brighter than the design minimums and competitive products, circuitry is proprietary and made by Aveo, optics are all custom Aveo technologies, and the quality is nonpareil. Aveo makes its own wingtip and winglet composites which are optimized by our aeronautical engineers and certified to DO-160 standards.

Far exceeds the SAE and FAR standards for:

Navigation Lights (far exceeds TSO C-30c, Type I, II)
Anti-Collision Strobes (far exceeds TSO-C96a Class II)
Position Lights /ACS (exceeds TSO C-30c, Type III & TSO-C96a Class II)
and also the pathetic copycat attempts by our competitors

Aveo Conforma™, it’s Only from Aveo!!!

For pre-order our new Aveo RedBird Conforma for Cessna 177 please, fill the form below and we will contact you soon. Thank you

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