A much needed human attribute that frequently gives way to fear, and sometimes panic, when confronted by the unseen or misunderstood threat.

Without confidence, our steps are unsteady, unsure, and frequently off-balance.

Without confidence, our decisions and actions are tentative, and often irrational.

Without confidence, the outcome of our fondest aspirations becomes doubtful.


Without, it’s hard to achieve our best.

At Aveo, we can’t manufacture confidence. But we do create products that help assure air crews and passengers alike, that their time spent flying will be in a safe, clean environment, free of bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and other contaminating pathogens. Though a combination of UVA and UVC LED lighting, Aveo’s disinfecting solutions are effective for sanitizing interior surfaces and the air we constantly breathe. Unlike other methods currently in use, our VeoLite line of products leave no chemical residue, are safe and easy to use, and can even provide continuous disinfection of aircraft interiors. These products are available for both occupied spaces in natural visible sunlight violet and for short period deep cleaning using UVC for rapid turnaround after flights.

And Aveo is pioneering a new nanofabric filter cap adaptor for our AveoAir vents and our competitors vents which is a snap-on retrofit to each vent outlet, providing 99.99% stoppage of viruses, bacteria, molds and mildew, with lab certification.

Whether crew member or passenger, every flier deserves the cleanest, pathogen-free environment possible.

And that builds confidence

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