EyeBeam Mini – Interior Swivel Light

EyeBeam Mini - Interior Swivel LED Light for Aircraft and Helicopters

Aveo’s incredible capacitive-sensing technology from its highly popular EyeBeam Touch™ products has now been engineered into an even smaller footprint, providing a one-color LED cabin/cockpit/area lighting product for those with limited installation space or only simple lighting needs.

Available in Visible White or NVIS Compatible White only

2 different FACEPLATES available

The EyeBeam Mini™ comes with a variety of easily-applied color faceplates, with standard colors of silver and black. Volume orders for custom colors and private label are always welcome. The EyeBeam Mini™ is made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum.

Touch control

With one light finger touch you can control the power and the brightness scale and the light easily swivels to put the beam where you want it. No mechanical switches to fail, no bulbs to burn out.

Easy to install

Simple non-screw installation means low overhead space required.


Cockpit and cabin lighting, especially on aircraft, helicopters, boats, recreational vehicles and trucks are plagued by problems from vibration…. the EyeBeam overcomes this with a vibration-proof product.


Operating Voltage Range: 9 – 36 VDC
Dimensions: See technical drawing
Weight: 95 g / 3.35 oz
Input current (Min): 0.01A @14V
0.01A @28V
Input current (Max): 0.16A @14V
0.10A @28V
Input power (Min): 0.1W @14V (typ)
0.3W @28V (typ)
Input power (Max): 2.2W @14V (typ)
2.8W @28V (typ)
LED Color: Neutral White
Dimming: Yes / 5 levels


Installation Manual

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