Mercy Air and AVEO

Disasters frequently strike southern Africa during the rainy season which lasts several months and often floods large areas. This leaves countless people homeless and desperate for food, clean water and shelter in order to survive.

Mercy Air helicopter crews have been quick to respond and to drop emergency food to people on rooftops and on isolated patches of higher ground. In order to meet the urgent need of shelter, Mercy Air helicopters also transport supplies like tarps and poles in large cargo nets as external load.

In such demanding high pace operations where a lot of different aircraft are flying in and out of the same air space having the latest, brightest AVEO strobe and position lights on our Mercy Air helicopters is an essential safety factor.

To be seen in the sky approaching the landing site with the bright landing lights in twilight adds safety to all on board. Mercy Air helicopters are regularly flying medical teams back after a long day of treating the sick until late in the day.

When the Mercy Air helicopter lands near a camp or in a remote village, rural people are excited and curious and often come straight up to it. The bright AVEO strobe lights on the tail of the helicopter help in keeping people at a safe distance. 

As Mercy Air team we wish to express our heartfelt thank you to AVEO for so generously donating complete LED light kits for our relief helicopters.
Thank you to the entire AVEO team for manufacturing aviation products of such high standard and quality!

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