2-in-1 EMI/OverVoltage Spike Module

Spike-SD- Aircraft 2-in-1 EMI/OverVoltage Spike Module

Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) is a natural byproduct of all aviation anti-collision strobe systems, both old and new. It is created and radiated when strobe systems suddenly turn electricity into light pulses, and sometimes can be detected in intercoms and communication radios as audio noise every time the strobes activate.

Aveo Engineering designs and builds extremely quiet LED strobe systems, as evidenced by our beacons and wingtip units. So much so that Aveo products are widely used in military UAVs, where low EMI is an absolute requirement. Anything that could interfere with operational telemetry is simply not tolerated.

In aviation, there is no such thing as good EMI, no matter how small. Aveo has taken the extra step to create the Spike-SD series of in line EMI filters. These small, inexpensive units are extremely effective in greatly attenuating residual EMI found in avionics installations.

These spectrum analyzer photos below, show just effective the Spike-SD filters are. (Frequency range depicted is 300kHz – 2MHz, which corresponds to DO-160 Chapter 21, Emission of Radio Frequency Energy.)

The yellow traces depict normal radio frequency background noise.

The blue traces depict EMI without Spike-SD.

The red traces depict EMI with Spike-SD.

Ultra Embedded

RedBaron XP red


EXAMPLE OF USE – Over Voltage Protection

With input voltage below 7.2 and above 44.5 Spike-SD output is disconnected from input.
With negative polarity Spike-SD output is disconnected from input.

Yellow – input
Red – output


Device has a filter inside. Typical attenuation chart.
    RED   – without Spike-SD
BLUE – with Spike-SD

Spike-SD can be use with these AVEO lights:

  • HISL
  • Hercules, Landing Taxi independent modes:
    – Landing current consumption: 8A at 9VDC
    – Taxi current consumption: 4.6A at 9VDC,
  • Samson, Landing Taxi independent modes:
    – Landing current consumption: 6.2A at 18VDC,
    – Taxi current consumption: 4.9A at 18VDC,
  • Samson Dual mode.
  • Hercules Drop-In, only 18-36VDC input power. Hercules Drop-In has one input with 7A at 18VDC

Hercules Drop-In, 9-18VDC has one input and can not be use with Spike-SD, current consumption is 12.6A at 9VDC, what more than 8A per channel.
Samson Drop-In has one input and can not be use with Spike -SD, current consumption is 11.1A at 18VDC, what more than 8A per channel.

Unit characteristics:2 channels Overvoltage Protection
Dimensions:80,4 mm x 31,4 mm x 23 mm / 3.16" x 1.24" x 0.9"
Voltage range: 9..36VDC
Voltage protection: - Transcend voltage: 150V at 2second max, both polarities;
- Under-voltage protection lockout: 7.4V;
- Under-voltage protection relies: 8.2V;
- Over-voltage protection lockout: 44.3V;
- Over-voltage protection relies: 41.6V;
- Reverse connection protection: 80V, not less;
Over current protection: 9A, not less
Performance:- Filtration DO-160G, chapter 21, Emission of Radio Frequency Energy:
More than 10dB;
- Output current, not less than:
Steady: 8A per channel;
Pulse 1/3: 9A per channel;
- Output power, not less than:
Steady: 8A at 9..36VDC per channel;
Pulse 1/3: 9A at 9..36VDC per channel;
- Input power, not more than:
Steady: 8A at 9..36VDC per channel;
Pulse 1/3: 9A at 9..36VDC per channel;
Warm up time: 0.5sec
Ambient temperature: -40°C..+85°C
Overheat protection: +85°C
Wiring: a. wire type: FEP High Temperature teflon wire, 16 AWG
b. wire length: min. 10 inch (280mm)
Wire color code:
1. Input, power supply side:
a. 16AWG Green +9…36V, first channel input
b. 16AWG Orange +9...36V, second channel input
c. 16AWG Black Common return VRTN to power supply for first and second channel
2. Output, light side:
a. 16AWG Red +9…36V, first channel output
b. 16AWG Yellow +9…36V, second channel output
c. 16AWG Black GND light
Please, do not connect black wires from input and output together.

Installation Manual

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