HeliPure Tuff

The VeoLite™ HeliPure Tuff™ is similar in function to the HeliPure VC™, but features an IP67 silicon enclosure that is shockproof and nearly unbreakable. It’s perfect for areas where hard objects are stowed, and may bump into surrounding surfaces.

Safety First!

The rapid disinfection nature of UVC (275 nm) light requires the interior space be unoccupied during the cleaning cycle. Very similar to sunlight, damage to skin and retinas may occur with prolonged UVC exposure. The SafeSpace™ controller unit eliminates this concern by providing system activation only when the interior space is unoccupied.

Cargo Light

UVC (275 nm) light is also perfect for the rapid disinfection of cargo and baggage spaces.

Veolite™ provides complete disinfection solutions for variety of helicopter interiors.

Dimensions (mm): 183 x 81.4 x 14.7
Dimensions (inches): 7.2” x 3.21” x 0.58”
Operating Voltage Range: 9-36VDC
Input Power: 13-15W
Current: 1.8A@28VDC
UVC: 275 nm

Featuring multiple lens angles for covering any combination of spaces to be disinefected highly effectively, the HeliPure Tuff™ is constructed from aerospace aluminum and solid state Aveo electronics that are DO-160G tested, and produced by Aveo as an FAA and EASA certified AS9100D aerospace manufacturing company.




Full angle at 50% from maximum: ~ 80° x 150°
Full angle at 10% from maximum: ~ 130° x 160°

Full angle at 50% from maximum: ~ 150°
Full angle at 10% from maximum: ~ 165°

Full angle at 50% from maximum: ~ 130° x 150°
Full angle at 10% from maximum: ~ 145° x 160°

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