PurpleTube Unit 254

Germicidal UVC Disinfecting Linear Light

Compared to spray disinfecting, UVC germicidal fixtures, which require neither labor nor chemicals, have very low operating costs, and they don’t leave toxic odors behind. Compared to portable germicidal lamps, permanently installed fixtures don’t need to be stored, set up, and put back away again for each use. They are always in place, out of the way, and ready for use.

Our linear UVC germicidal disinfecting fixtures can be suspended from or flush-mounted to the ceiling. For safety, each fixture features redundant built-in motion sensors—one microwave and one PIR—to ensure the light turns off immediately if motion is detected. The fixtures automatically resume operation once their sensors detect it is safe to do so.

Different Sizes Available

80 W


(L1313*W67*D54 mm)

60 W


(L1009*W67*D54 mm)

40 W


(L704*W67*D54 mm)

Wattage: 2x20W / 2x30W / 2x40W
Operating temp: -10°C ~ 35°C (+14°F ~ +95°F)
Hold time: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 mins
Lamp type: UVC
Wavelength: 254nm
Sensor detection: 1 Microwave + 1 PIR sensor
Life span: 9,000H
Voltage: 110V (100~120V) / 230V (220~240V)

V-Sabre Lamp Suggested Area and Time

Built-In Safety Features

  • Remote control puts distance between you and the lamp
  • To prevent accidental exposure to UV rays, motion sensors instantly shut off the lamp if motion is detected. Each UV lamp comes with redundant sensors — one microwave and one PIR —to ensure performance
  • A 20 second delay, accompanied by a warning buzzer, gives you time to leave the area before the UV rays turn on

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