Aveo Florida Joins Aveo Digital Avionics Design Team

Aveo Florida continues its integration into the Aveo Engineering Group global development team with their participation in the new DigitalFlightDeck™ (DFD) division Christoph Ziegler, Aveo Chief of Industrial Design, has joined the team headed by Michal Jancsin, EASA ATP pilot and avionics developer.

The Jedi Master electronics consultant is Aveo’s VP of Electronics, Jan Konvicka. OEM interface for custom development programs with major aerospace companies is handled by Paul Whittingham, President of AveoFlorida and EVP Worldwide Marketing for Aveo Engineering Group and also Stefan Weiss as OEM Business Development Manager, both are European rated pilots and Stefan is former East German Air Force MIG pilot. The development team professionals include Peter Stefan, Olex Shepelyuk, Juraj Petruna, Tomas Kmec, Pavel Borovsky, Ramanan Nagarajan of Aveo India and his team, Georg Hartl leading the certification team with Petr Jaros handling testing and production approvals, and a mechanical solutions crack team of Martin Suvak, Daniel Stenko, Peter Nezval, and Marek Cernok. On board are also a variety of Czech Technical University Professors from a variety of disciplines assisting in ground-breaking technologies integration to all the avionics solutions.

Kristen Endruschat is sourcing electronic components from US suppliers and part of the certification team.

Present development programs for customers include aerospace-certified crew flashlight systems, digital smart aircraft chronometers, and ADAHRS systems as well as VHF aviation radios and transponder systems.

Aveo 3 inch watch- concept II 3 Rendering 10

Aveo 3 inch watch- concept II 3 Rendering 1

Aveo Florida is accepting resumes from interest avionics and electronic and systems engineers for this exciting high-growth division.


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