New Aveo Engineering Headquarters Building

Aveo Florida finalizes new manufacturing and engineering facility building concept design. Now submitted for architectural building and site drawings. This green construction and operation facility is planned for our commercial building site which is close to the already operating Aveo Composites Production facility off US 1.

AEF_Facility Concept 3_Fotor1

AEF_Facility Concept 3_Fotor6 copy

AEF_Facility Concept 3_Fotor3-1 copy copy

AEF_Facility Concept 3_Fotor1 copy
This facility will house assembly operations for a variety of Aveo product divisions, plus an engineering design center and distribution warehouse. This replaces the proposed manufacturing site for Flagler Airport industrial park (outside airport fence) which has been terminated due to the swamp status of the offered leased land. Aveo is committed to its growth in Flagler County, despite the obstacles thrown at it by the duplicitous airport manager and the naivety of the Daytona newspaper editorial staff who have never created a job in their lives.

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Aveo holds more than 50 patents with more than 70 others now in pending status. Aveo is tired of our competitors making direct copies of our product designs. Aveo has now on retainer a Patent Enforcement law firm that will prosecute to the maximum any violators. We have always competed fairly, and all our work is our own. Unfortunately some competitors have decided to copy our stuff in China to their best ability, which is sadly for them inferior results. But it is an insult to the engineering profession for anyone to copy other peoples’ work. I guess they grew up cheating in their lives, but we will no longer tolerate it. Be forewarned!!!

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