We have begun accepting resumes for the variety of jobs that will be available as the Aveo Florida facility opens and expands.  At the present time we are hiring the core team that will begin to build out the processes and functions of all positions in each area of activity.

Immediate Need Positions:

Mechanical Design Engineer for Aircraft Lights and Avionics housings and structures to work in collaboration with industrial design and electronics design teams.

SolidWorks is a must.

Knowledge of heat sinking and LED illumination is a plus.

Will train the right candidate who has energetic outlook and passion for excellence.

Long term career opportunity.

Development of digital cockpit avionics instruments and accessories. Hardware and/or Software Specialists are invited to apply.

Experience or capability to prepare FAA PMA documentation and coordinate with MIDO office for approval of new Aveo facility to assemble PMA product.  (Quality Manager position also available as combined position)

Able to perform wires/cable connection (soldering) to PCBs in products, and testing functions required of same

Second Phase Positions:

Ability to perform high-quality assembly work of led lighting products from semi-finished component modules

Ability to neatly and accurately pack completed products and documentation to retail boxing and administer bar-code tracking function

Experience in purchasing and cost reduction functions related to same for electronics and complex aerospace or marine products

Able to professionally manage customer relations of key accounts requirements as well as customer service functions for problem resolution

Experience in handling TSO product application preparation and submissions to the FAA

Experience in SAE Testing and Certification functions for products

Other job positions

Jobs in Europe:

SolidWorks environment, experience in integration of electronics modules to original mechanical designs (electronics designs are provided by our in-house team)

Experience or capability to develop and test PCBs. Each design will vary in size and complexity depending on the application.

Able to perform wires/cable connection (soldering) to PCBs in products, and testing functions required of same

Please, submit your resume/CV to  [javascript protected email address] 

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