Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions are simple:

1. For OTS products, we provide all proper documentation and relevant certification approvals and manuals etc as well as relevant aviation authority certification forms for airworthiness and our warranty for that category of product.

2. For Custom products you would like to have, each program will have terms negotiated and agreed by both parties in advance in writing.

3.  Payment Terms are dependent upon your credit history with Aveo, and can be discussed with Jana Nielsen at
NOTE: If you have no credit history than pre-payment may be required. We are not your bank, like everywhere in life you need to pay as you go.

4.  Aveo designs and manufacturers its nonpareil, unique performance and features products internally, and the company has zero debt. Aveo Engineering holds all major certifications and approvals with the FAA and EASA including Design Authorities and Production Organization authorities. Aveo holds AS9100D from Lloyd’s Register of the UK in all its locations.

5.  We do not accept any terms or conditions pre-printed or added onto attempted purchase orders. Orders submitted with same will be ignored and unconfirmed so please be advised. We do not accept terms and conditions from suppliers printed on invoices electronic or in paper form beyond the amount if it is as was quoted and agreed in writing in advance, and the payment date.

6.   Please understand we have no debt because we are not anyone’s bank and it helps us keep our costs down by not creating a large accounting department to chase payments. 

The user of this website is forewarned that the information presented herein is general and informational only. Aveo is not responsible for misinterpretations, typos, syntax errors, or translation mistakes as the legal and governing language of Aveo Czech is the Czech language.  Should there be any questions they should be directed to Aveo (Contact page) for clarification or explanation. No liability is assumed or accepted for any activities based upon the user's use of anything presented herein.

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Aveo holds more than 50 patents with more than 70 others now in pending status. Aveo is tired of our competitors making direct copies of our product designs. Aveo has now on retainer a Patent Enforcement law firm that will prosecute to the maximum any violators. We have always competed fairly, and all our work is our own. Unfortunately some competitors have decided to copy our stuff in China to their best ability, which is sadly for them inferior results. But it is an insult to the engineering profession for anyone to copy other peoples’ work. I guess they grew up cheating in their lives, but we will no longer tolerate it. Be forewarned!!!

Any links to or use of material on our website without prior written permission will be aggressively prosecuted to the letter of the law worldwide

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