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AveoInsider – What’s New


Due to a recent personnel change, Damien Esmond is no longer the primary Aveo contact for ZipTip information, purchases, or support. Please direct your email inquiries to Jakub Gregor ( We greatly appreciate our ZipTip customers, for their interest and assistance in helping us produce the premier lighting solution for RV aircraft.


Aveo Engineering, known worldwide for its extensive portfolio of LED lighting and related aerospace products, has recently acquired a one acre building site in Palm Coast. Having outgrown their existing Florida headquarters, this new location will add 15,000 square feet in a new facility dedicated to engineering and the distribution/customization of aerospace avionics and lighting products for all segments of […]

Aveo Conforma Avenger Winglet!⚡️

F-5s Team With Avenger Drone, Bizjet In Air-To-Air Infrared Sensor Test The test networked new infrared search and track systems on multiple aircraft, which could be a boon for future air combat scenarios. Read the whole article

VeoLite™ sanitizing lights earn FAA APPROVAL

Carson City, NV – LED lighting company Aveo Engineering proudly announces the first FAA NORSEE (Non Required Safety Enhancing Equipment) approvals, for several of their Veolite™ interior sanitizing products. Known as Veolite™, this new line provides a superior method of sanitizing aircraft interiors by using specific ultraviolet (UV) light wavelengths to destroy viruses, germs, molds, and other pathogens with over […]

Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed a new test flight campaign for its Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) in Arizona, U.S.A.

Original article here Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed a new test flight campaign for its Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) in Arizona, U.S.A. The 2020 flight campaign succeeded despite global slowdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It focused on aircraft agility, control and operations to build upon previous campaigns, which have already proven the day and night […]

Primoco UAV Official Presentation 2021😎 GO see this really cool video!

Aveo celebrates its latest building, the new HQ building at its Czech aerospace cluster in Pribram, Czech Republic

Joining the rest of the facilities of the Aveo Group in Slovakia, Florida, UK and Germany, the company now has one quarter million square feet dedicated to aerospace lighting design, engineering, research and production.   Next groundbreaking this month is for the new MadMaxx research and development building dedicated to the new market of military and race car and off-road vehicle lighting systems.  


EASA advises carriers to switch off recirculation fans By David Kaminski-Morrow3 April 2020 Europe’s safety regulator is advising commercial aircraft operators to adopt new procedures to switch off air-conditioning system recirculation fans regularly, as part of measures to limit the risk of coronavirus contagion. Supplementary procedures to turn off the fans periodically would “accelerate cabin air exchange”, says the European Union […]

Aveo Engineering Group achieves EASA MINOR CHANGE APPROVAL for MOONEY M20

Aveo Engineering Group achieves AS 9100D

Aveo Engineering Group achieves EASA MINOR CHANGE APPROVAL for CESSNA 150 and 172 Series

Gulfstream – Approval Of Supplier

And it has all Aveo lights!

New Ukrainian An-132D impresses experts at Paris Air Show 2017 Read news from Defence Blog at | Subscribe to the  newsletter from Defence Blog Jun 20, 2017   An-132 at the Paris Air Show 2017 (c) Antonoc company READ ARTICLE HERE The Antonov, a subsidiary of Ukraine’s state-owned Ukroboronprom, partnered with Taqnia Aeronautics from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia […]

Aveo Engineering Group achieves EASA SUPPLEMENTAL TYPE CERTIFICATE for BOEING 737


Aveo RedBaron, PosiStrobe CP and Ultras on Dallas Cowboys new Airbus Helicopter!!!!!

First flight of T-X Trainer… note the Aveo StealthViz on the wingtip

Aveo Engineering Group achieves EASA MINOR CHANGE APPROVAL for MBB – BK 117 (Airbus Helicopters Deutschland)

An-132d Rolled Out – note the shot of the tail position light from Aveo, ALL LIGHTS ON THIS PLANE ARE AVEO

Read article here

Dornier Seawings is making a splash at MEBAA as it seeks to awareness within the UAE of its new-generation Seastar CD2 amphibian.

07 DECEMBER, 2016 BY: KATE SARSFIELD DUBAI Dornier Seawings is making a splash at MEBAA as it seeks to awareness within the UAE of its new-generation Seastar CD2 amphibian. “This is an ideal venue for us to promote our latest aircraft and to connect with potential customers across private, corporate, charter, government and special missions sectors,” says Simon Schell, Dornier […]

UK MoD Invests £100M in ‘Protector’ Remotely Piloted Air System

Of course, with Aveo Conforma™ Custom Lights Published: 06 Dec 2016   Crown Copyright The UK’s Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, has agreed a £100M contract with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. to develop their current drone technology into new cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicles for use by the Royal Air Force (RAF). Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon said: “Britain faces […]

General Atomics Completes First Flight of ‘Certifiable’ Predator B

On November 28 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems announced that it’s Predator B variant, built to NATO airworthiness requirements, has completed its first flight. The flight took place on November 17 at the General Atomics’ Gray Butte Flight Operations Facility near Palmdale California. The modifications on this remotely piloted aircraft began as part of an internal development program in 2012. It […]

General Atomics Predator C Avenger ER Makes First Flight… with Aveo conformal lights!

General Atomics provided this photograph of the extended-range version of the Predator C Avenger. (Photo: GA-ASI) An extended-range variant of the Predator C Avenger remotely piloted aircraft made its first flight in October, manufacturer General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA–ASI) announced on November 10. The jet-powered aircraft now has 20 hours of endurance. The maiden flight of the Avenger ER took place […]

New airworthiness directive for Whelen anti collision on Falcon Jets

A new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Dassault Aviation Model MYSTERE-FALCON 50, MYSTERE-FALCON 900, FALCON 900EX, FALCON 2000, and FALCON 2000EX airplanes. This AD was prompted by a report of an in-flight lightning strike to the WHELEN anti-collision light located on the top of the vertical fin tip that caused severe damage and resulted in the loss of some airplane […]


L-39NG moves to next phase of testing

Aero Vodochody has completed the first phase of testing for its new L-39NG trainer and will now move to the development of a new-build aircraft in order to complete certification. Read more here:

Dallas Cowboys Score with New Airbus H145 Helicopter… and of course with Aveo lights!


Introducing Aveo MicroMax™ Drone Strobe, the World’s Smallest, Lightest and Brightest Aerospace-Qualified Recognition Strobe

Fully D0-160 tested and weighing in at only 23 grams, MicroMax™ will help you comply with all the tightening and future regulations around operating small UAVs/MiniDrones and ensure SAFETY is included in your flight operations.  Available in Red, White or even InfraRed, the patented MicroMax™ provides a 360 degree arc of coverage.  An amazing product from Aveo’s famous engineering prowess, […]

Aveo Engineering achieves AS 9100C

Aveo at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016


Aveo Engineering Florida receives FAA production approval for TSO lighting products.

The new branch of Aveo Engineering based in Palm Coast, Florida has received its formal letter of approval from the Atlanta FAA Certification Office and the Orlando MIDO, advising of its approval for production of its FAA TSO’d products.  Congratulations to the Florida team and this makes the Aveo market-leading solutions available to the Western Hemisphere aerospace market even closer […]

EASA and FAA have completed the updated reciprocal agreement

EASA and FAA have completed the updated reciprocal agreement, which means that ETSO and FAA TSOs no longer need validation either way, they are universally applicable and can be used in the USA and EASA countries interchangeably.  

Predator B Extended Range (ER) Conducts First Flight With New Long Wings and Aveo’s Exclusive Conformal Winglet Lights

25 February 2016 – General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), a leading manufacturer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems solutions, today announced the successful first flight of Predator® B/MQ-9 Reaper® Extended Range (ER) Long Wing, retrofitted with improved long-endurance wings with greater internal fuel capacity and additional hard points for carrying external stores. The […]

FAA LODA Approval for the European ETSO Aveo Lights


First of 20 A-29 Super Tucanos arrive in Afghanistan

19 January, 2016 BY: James Drew Washington DC The Afghan Air Force’s new fixed-wing Embraer/Sierra Nevada A-29 Super Tucano could soon make its combat debut after four aircraft arrived at Hamid Karzai International Airport last week. The low, slow-flying attack airplane of Brazilian origin is already employed by 10 air forces around the globe, and the Lebanese air force is […]

New offices for the new division of Aveo Avionics at Zlicin, Prague (next to Prague airport)

Peter Nezval appointed General Manager of Aveo Design Group s.r.o.

Kosice, Slovakia.  Peter Nezval, ten years with us and most of it as Engineering Manager of our Kosice-based contract mechanical engineering branch, has assumed the duties of General Manager of Aveo’s design engineering team in Slovakia.  Peter led a team of 55 engineers that worked directly as a design team for new crane development for Manitowoc Crane Company, the world’s […]

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Selects Aveo for Anka UAV

The TAI Anka UAV will be equipped with the unparalleled StealthViz™ Position and Strobe lights including InfraRed functions as standard equipment. Aveo has begun production of their first orders.  The Aveo StealthViz™ is pictured here below, a very popular light for defense aircraft:

New Aveo Engineering Headquarters Building

Aveo Florida finalizes new manufacturing and engineering facility building concept design. Now submitted for architectural building and site drawings. This green construction and operation facility is planned for our commercial building site which is close to the already operating Aveo Composites Production facility off US 1. This facility will house assembly operations for a variety of Aveo product divisions, plus […]

Russian Mi-17 Helicopter Aveo Upgrade Program

Aveo’s partner, ASU Baltija, Ltd. in Lithuania,, has developed a complete lighting overhaul retrofit kit to modernize the unreliable and poor performing lighting of the Mi-17 helicopters… an extremely popular helicopter platform around the world, with more than 12,000 having been delivered in various configurations. Aveo lighting solutions include world-first lights that incorporate NVIS InfraRed functions to one integrated […]

Aveo Florida Joins Aveo Digital Avionics Design Team

Aveo Florida continues its integration into the Aveo Engineering Group global development team with their participation in the new DigitalFlightDeck™ (DFD) division Christoph Ziegler, Aveo Chief of Industrial Design, has joined the team headed by Michal Jancsin, EASA ATP pilot and avionics developer. The Jedi Master electronics consultant is Aveo’s VP of Electronics, Jan Konvicka. OEM interface for custom development […]

Zumwalt Class Frigates About To Go To Sea Next Month, of course WITH AVEO LIGHTS!

Sea Trials should begin shortly for the DDG-1000 Zumwalt class STEALTH FRIGATE program, the first ship will begin this phase next month and two more ships are under construction at Bath, Maine. Aveo produced no-radar-signature task lighting for these ships, with no other marine lighting company able to supply this technology.

Aveo’s Rick Lindstrom at the Cobalt Valkyrie Unveiling Party in California Yesterday, Yes with Aveo Lights!

Check out the full story and more pictures at WIRED magazine site here: Yes an amazing new aircraft, and of course Aveo provides the lighting solutions. Rick is seen here with Mark “Forger” Stucky, the test pilot. and of course, the Aveo lights help make the event brighter!  

Aveo Selected for New Antonov 132 Joint Saudi/Ukraine Production

Ukrainian manufacturer Antonov has formally announced the launch of its new Antonov An-132 military freighter. The aircraft, which is a derivative of the existing An-32 Cline, will be produced jointly by Ukraine and Saudi Arabia for both military and civilian use. Antonov (Stand 2210) will establish the facility at the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). Equipment suppliers […]

Lebanon Confirms A-29 Embraer Super Tucano Purchase at Dubai Air Show

Lebanon finalized the acquisition of six (6) Embraer Super Tucano military trainer aircraft from Embraer Defense and Sierra Nevada Corporation at the Dubai Air Show yesterday. The planes, which are presently in operation with 10 different Air Forces globally will be built in the Embraer/SNC facility in Jacksonville, Florida.  Lights will be supplied by Aveo Florida from its Palm Coast […]

Aveo MadMaxx™ Revolutionizes Special Vehicle Lighting

Aveo Florida and Aveo Engineering Group launch the Aveo MadMaxx™ specialty vehicle lighting solutions website and production.      

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for SMARTSTROBE

Cessna Wingtips with Integral Aveo Conforma™ Lighting Launched in new Aveo Palm Coast Composite Facility

Aveo Florida’s launch facility on US 1 in Palm Coast will begin production in early November of the Conforma™ technology composite aircraft complete replacement wingtips for a variety of aircraft manufacturers and aircraft models.  This also includes several defense customers for UAV (drone) wingtips as well as the venerable Cessna aircraft so popular all around the world such as the Cessna […]

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for PEGATRON

Aveo Helps Predators Reach Amazing Milestone!

Aveo supplies its amazing lighting technology to all the flying Predator UAV models, and it is more satisfying to know that we are helping in the global war on terror and the global assistance to natural catastrophes and security.

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for NEBULON

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for REDBARON XP GALACTICA

Aveo Continues Its Total Domination of the Global UAV/Drone Market

Aveo Powerburst Navigation and Strobe plus Aveo Red Baron MiniMax anti-collision lights are standard equipment.  Swiss reputation for fine craftsmanship selects Aveo as their lighting supplier of course!  Aveo now has over 85% global market share of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle lighting market!

When a van is fancier than a private jet!!! (and of course, Aveo inside!)

The company Senzati, based in Coventry, Uxury people carrier” out of Merceds Sprnited Kingdom has created the “super luxury people carrier” out of Mercedes Sprinter vans.  With in-seat massages, electronic headsets, a fully connected mobile office and integral entertainment system, the van features 6 foot four inches of headroom!  Customized to the ocolors and tastes of the VIP customers the […]

Aircraft Lighting Perfected – Only from Aveo!!!!

Aveo Andromeda Lights the Way for XtremeAir™ Race Planes

Aveo Lights on the Solar Impulse, USA Transcontinental Solar Power Airplane Flight

Aveo onboard the Solar Impulse… Aveo RedBaron AntiCollision Red Strobe Aveo Ultra Galactica Wingtip Nav/Position/Strobe Cockpit light Aveo EyeBeam™ Touch  

Aveo Lights on Virgin Galactic

Check out this news story link: Yup, Aveo lights the way, you can see the Aveo Hercules landing lights above the wheels in the photos of takeoff below…

AN-132 Light Multipurpose Transport Aircraft – AveoEngineering supplying all lights

AN-132 is a new light, multi-purpose transport aircraft to be jointly developed by Antonov and Taqnia Aeronautics Company. The aircraft will be based on Antonov An-32 (NATO reporting name: Cline) twin-engine turboprop. The light transport aircraft is primarily intended to transport cargoes weighting up to 9.2t, while its secondary roles will include aerial delivery of cargoes on parachute platforms, airdropping […]

First Aveo Florida USA-Assembled Vans ZipTips Set Completed & Shipped to South Africa

Yes, the incredible Aveo ZipTips™ for Vans and F-1 Rockets are now a production item for Aveo Engineering in Florida.  These have shipped now to Robin Coss Aviation in South Africa, a Vans professional build and completion center, destined for Mr. De Villiers Visser’s RV-8!!!!!! Unique to Aveo is the amazing design that incorporates Nav-Position-Strobe-Taxi-Landing-WigWag into one wingtip module with […]

Aveo ZipTips at Oshkosh and One Great Aircraft Paint Job!

Built by Aveo Florida, the amazing and stunning ZipTips lights make you the safest plane in the sky!

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for ULTRA EMBEDDED GALACTICA

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for ULTRA GALACTICA

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for REDBARON COMBO HISL

European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) Authorisation for POSISTROBE CP

Aveo Engineering Group awarded EASA Alternative Procedures Organisation Approval (ADOA)

Aveo Engineering Awarded EASA Production Organization Approval (POA)

Embraer Shows First Super Tucano Assembled in Jacksonville, with AVEO LIGHTS of course!!!!!

First of the Jacksonville, Florida assembled Embraer Super Tocano light attack aircraft makes its debut.  Part of a $427 million contract which is for 20 aircraft that will be delivered to the USAF and then to Afghan security forces. Aveo Engineering custom defense aircraft lights were delivered from Aveo Florida in Flagler County for this program!  Closeups below show the Dual power version […]

Aveo Products Achieve FAA STC for Airbus 350 Helicopters

#350 – 18799 Airport Way. Pitt Meadows Airport Pitt Meadows BC Canada V3Y 2B4 P: 604-465-5008 F: 604-608-9222 E: W:

Aveo Lights on Elbit Systems Hermes 900 for the Brazilian Military

Aveo Partner HeliProducts Industries Ltd of Canada achieves mulitple AVEO STC’s for Eurocopter AS350

Heliproducts announces the new AS350LEDxt lighting kit for the AS350 helicopter series. Complete Transport Canada STC and FAA STC kit (pending). No strobe power supply required – improves safety ! No more position lights burnt out. No more Strobe lights burnt out. These aircraft lights meet both TSO C30c and C96a design specifications and EXCEED the requirements of TSO C30c, […]

Super Heron with Aveo lights

SGA14: Super Heron takes on Swiss flavour at Singapore Airshow IAI’s new Super Heron Heavy Fuel (HF) UAV is being proposed for a Swiss heavy fuel MALE UAV requirement that is in the final stages before a downselect, industry sources have revealed. The enhanced heavy fuel version of the Heron 1 was launched during the Singapore Airshow, and was designed […]

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