Aveo’s Rick Lindstrom at the Cobalt Valkyrie Unveiling Party in California Yesterday, Yes with Aveo Lights!


Check out the full story and more pictures at WIRED magazine site here:


Yes an amazing new aircraft, and of course Aveo provides the lighting solutions.

Rick is seen here with Mark “Forger” Stucky, the test pilot.


and of course, the Aveo lights help make the event brighter!

AircraftLEDlights-AveoAndromeda-02 AircraftLEDlights-AveoAndromeda-03 AircraftLEDlights-AveoAndromeda-04 AircraftLEDlights-AveoAndromeda-05 AircraftLEDlights-AveoAndromeda-06 AircraftLEDlights-AveoAndromeda-07 AircraftLEDlights-AveoAndromeda-08


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