First Aveo Florida USA-Assembled Vans ZipTips Set Completed & Shipped to South Africa

Yes, the incredible Aveo ZipTips™ for Vans and F-1 Rockets are now a production item for Aveo Engineering in Florida.  These have shipped now to Robin Coss Aviation in South Africa, a Vans professional build and completion center, destined for

Mr. De Villiers Visser’s RV-8!!!!!!

Unique to Aveo is the amazing design that incorporates Nav-Position-Strobe-Taxi-Landing-WigWag into one wingtip module with easy access plate from below.

ZipTips-01 ZipTips-02 ZipTips-03

Five more domestic USA orders will go out in the next two weeks and then Aveo Florida will begin working through its large backlog of orders on the waiting list, and now that production is up and running smoothly with trained personnel, ZipTips™ delivery lead times will drop dramatically.

The first Aveo ZipTip™ ever installed was on Tony Clinton’s F-1 Rocket, but this was produced in our European factory.

ZipTips-05 ZipTips-04 ZipTips-06

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