Introducing Veolite™ from Aveo Engineering, a superior method of sanitizing aircraft interiors, without the many drawbacks of chemical methods currently in use.

An industry leader in cutting-edge LED aircraft lighting, Aveo has recently used its expertise in lighting design and manufacturing to address the increased need for pathogen-free cabins and cockpits. Employing the time tested method of sanitizing with specific light wavelengths, Aveo now brings this technology to all types of aircraft interiors.


Business Jet




NanoSafe99 - nano face mask

Nano Face Mask

Hospitals have relied on this technology for years, wherever a pathogen-free environment is absolutely essential. The 265 / 275 nm wavelength known as UV-C, is ideal for spaces when not occupied, as it provides rapid sanitizing in a matter of minutes.

V2D2 OnePass VC™
Portable UVC Disinfection System

Keep your cockpit and cabin free of bacteria, mold, viruses, and mildew between flights, keeping pilots and passengers safe. No chemicals, no scrubbing, wiping, or harmful residues. These UVC systems are available in a variety of battery sizes, but all neutralize harmful pathogens in a matter of seconds with the easy to handle wand.

Our UVC Lights are effective in killing of:





Aveo Engineering, world leading supplier of aerospace and vehicle and marine lighting has added a new division under the brand VeoLite™ by Aveo. Capitalizing on Aveo’s 16 years of technological and performance dominance in LED lighting, optics, thermal management, and design features from Space all the way down to Earth and the Sea, we have focused all of this coupled with our amazing staff of engineers, scientists and mathematicians to develop UltraViolet (UVC) and Visible Blue (405nm natural sunlight wavelength) disinfecting light products, based upon UV LEDs and also Quartz UVC bulbs depending upon the application environment. Our unique timer control systems permit remote operation, and safe interruption of UVC when anyone accidentally enters a disinfection zone. Aveo designed its first disinfection products 8 years ago, as it was clear that a world of more dangerous pathogens was coming.

Our products are available for aircraft, helicopters, air ambulances, and ground vehicles such as buses, trains, ambulance and emergency vehicles and military vehicles of course. Also we have portable units including UVC wands with powerpacks and also tripod-mounted 3D motion-sensing units for quick and powerful complete disinfection of any space be they vehicle, aircraft, office, factory, hospital room, etc.

NanoSafe99™ NanoFabric Filter Technology

Aveo also provides active disinfection combined with Aveo’s NanoSafe99 NanoFabric Filter technology in more comfortable breathing masks due to lower flow resistance as you breath that only NanoFabrics can provide,  as well as remote systems buried inside air conditioning tubing to provide 99.99% kill rates for the air coming out of vents, not just disinfection of surface products alone.

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